Sign Permitting in Salt Lake City

Business licensing is necessary before you get started on building your business. Licensure processing, however, does not end when the local government grants you the permission to operate and engage in the industry.

Your establishment will need to process sign permits if you want to promote your business with the use of signage.

Remaining Compliant with Local Sign Codes

Sign permits do not exist merely to add more to your list of business responsibilities. They exist with public health and safety in mind.

The local sign codes eliminate any potential hazards to pedestrians, motorists, properties, and open spaces. The restrictions in the local sign codes exist to avoid confusion and distraction — something that excessive signs may cause.

Additionally, the codes exist to preserve the way that the city looks. Business signs may have refreshing graphics and unique logos, but congestion affects the overall aesthetics of a community.

Moreover, following local sign codes saves you from the embarrassment and financial costs of non-compliance.