Is your business in need of a projecting sign?

Usually, projecting signs are mounted high above your storefront and are installed in such a way that they extend out over the sidewalk. These signs are great for increasing the range of exposure your company receives. Every business has the potential to gain impressive amounts of prospective customers with a sign that creates a high impact and very visible message.

After deciding to go with a projecting sign you will need to make customizing choices to create a personalized sign that fits your business location, setting and brand. We offer cohesive color combinations, complimenting fonts, and stylized borders to fabricate the sign perfect for you. There is even the option to incorporate your business logo or slogan to build up your business brand!


Visibility Sign Company specializes in the design, fabrication, and installation of premium products made from the best materials. Our mission is to insure every client receives a custom sign investment that exceeds their expectations! Give us the opportunity to make your sign dreams a reality and help you get the awareness your business deserves. Let’s start planning a projecting sign package today!

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