Are you searching for a raceway mounted sign?

Exterior signage is one of the most beneficial forms of advertisement in the sign industry. With the right sign you can leave a lasting impression that reaches a magnitude of prospective consumers. If you have a company that offers evening business hours or that is looking for round the clock marketing, you might want to consider a lighted raceway mounted sign. These large signs are mounted on a rectangular structure that affixes to the side of your building. Choose a sign with a massive impact, and a contemporary look!


Once you decide to go with a raceway mounted sign, you can choose the tailoring options that you would like to apply to your sign. Our expert sign fabricators can use our cohesive color combinations and complimenting fonts to construct a sign that fulfills all of your signage needs. Visibility Sign Company uses only premium materials, cutting edge technology, and superior service to give you a raceway mounted sign that will be the marketing tool your business deserves!

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